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Monday, November 07, 2016
By One Creative Cookie, LLC.
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'Tis the season for gift-giving and whether you're a small business or large corporation, gifting is likely at the top of your holiday to-do list. It doesn't matter if you're a solo-entrepreneur, an employee yourself, or the head of a multi-level company-- there are always people to thank at the end of the year: doctors send "thank yous" to referring doctors, parents who run a small biz thank their childcare providers, and client-based professionals thank the customers who make their business run year after year. 


Overwhelmed by the idea of putting together gifts for your business? Never fear! We have three simple ways you can thank your business connections (with cookies, because who doesn't delight in a sweet treat?):

Branded Thank Yous: 

You've worked hard for your brand, so why not show it off when gifting this year? With our Edible Image technology, you can order individual cookies stamped with your logo or branding to gift to your employees, referrers, or collaborators! A tray of these at your office will infuse the work day with sweet holiday cheer. Throw in a few cookie coins with corresponding colors and you've got a package that your recipients will never forget! 

Holiday Basket Thank Yous: 

For a more general holiday feel, gift one of our themed holiday baskets-- they guarantee maximum yum factor and maximum happiness in the heart of your recipient! These make the perfect gift for anyone not directly employed by your company, such as people who help make your household run efficiently or work with your children. 

Annual Thank Yous: 

Do you have people you need to celebrate more than just once a year? Or is your business a project-based endeavor and you'd like to thank your clients when a task is completed versus just at the end of the year? We offer annual gift-giving! If you know the dates you'll want branded or themed cookies to go out, we'll put them on our calendar and send them out at a pre-approved date-- that way your client can enjoy your gift when they move into their home or celebrate an anniversary! Annual gifts are an extra-special way to let those in your business (client or employee) know they're appreciated at moments that might feel more meaningful to them. 


Are you ready to order your holiday gifts or still puzzling over which form of gifting might be right for you? Send us an email and we'll help you choose!


Monday, October 17, 2016
By One Creative Cookie, LLC.
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Boo! Can you believe it's nearly Halloween? Which part of Halloween is your favorite-- the pumpkin carving, the apple pie baking, or the Trick or Treating? However you celebrate the season, we're here to help! Need some scary-delicious cookies for a post-pumpkin carving gathering? Is your little one a bit too young to go out collecting candy-- but would maybe like to stay in and decorate some cookies instead? Either way, we're here to help!

If you're interested in ordering cookies or DIY cookie kits, send us an email TODAY for on-time delivery or pick-up! And a helpful hint about our DIY kits: they're freezable! If you don't have a chance to use them immediately, pop them in the freezer for a few weeks until you are ready to use them! Just remember to thaw the kits before you begin decorating! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016
By One Creative Cookie, LLC.
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Fall is here in all its glory and we couldn't be happier-- between the autumn flavors filling our bellies, fall sports taking up our weekends, and changing leaves transforming the yard, there are so many reasons to celebrate the season! Our cookie calendar is busy with fall-inspired events and unique-to-the-season designs. Here are five reasons One Creative Cookie is looking forward to the months ahead: 

1. Fall is for Giving Back

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month AND Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As is our custom, we are donating 10% of Purple and Pink Ribbon Cookie sales to Charlottesville's Center for Help in Emergency and the Martha Jefferson Hospital Breast Care Program. Giving back for such important and meaningful causes is always the highlight of our fall!

2. Fall is for Weddings!

Fall weddings are tied with spring, summer, and winter weddings as our favorites! We love when our brides get inspired by the rich autumn colors when working with us on their wedding cookies. Our collaboration with Wedding Welcomes-- where One Creative Cookie favors are tucked into the incredible welcome baskets delivered to your guests when they arrive for a wedding weekend!-- has been popular this year and couples have incorporated their monogram or crest into their cookie favors. Classic cookie uses like a late-night cookie-and-milk dessert bar and cookie favors at pre-wedding festivities such as bridal showers or engagement parties are always a hit with guests! To add a more deluxe touch to your wedding reception, ordering our exclusive Wedding Day Photo Cookies is a fabulous surprise for all!

3. Fall is for Sports

Football, soccer, baseball playoffs-- oh my! What sport does your family love the most during the fall? This season might be the perfect weather for sports and we're staying busy with our own athletic activities. Celebrate your favorite soccer team or tennis partners with some post-match treats or bring some color-coordinated cookies to your next college football tailgate! And if you're more interested in socializing than cheering, why not bring a few cookie kits to the next World Series watch party you attend-- they'll give you a great excuse to round up the kids and decorate some fall-themed cookies while the fans do their thing! 

4. Fall is for School Days

Yes-- we're all back into the swing of school. But that doesn't mean there aren't reasons to break out some extra sugar love! We love creating cookies for class birthday parties, teacher appreciation gifts for the holidays, Girl Scout meetings, or field trip snacks. Looking for a hands-on (meaning non-video game-based) sleepover activity? Our DIY cookie kits are a fun way to get kids in the kitchen!

5. Fall is for Family Gatherings

This month is the kick-off to the biggest holidays of the year-- Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, and various winter celebrations! It's always a treat to show up to your next family gathering with holiday-themed cookies (or if you can't attend, sending some sugar love along!), but this year, we're all about creating with our family and friends using our DIY cookie kits! They make the perfect hostess gifts (if they aren't used within the first week, you can always pop them in the freezer-- freeze for up to two months and remember to thaw them before use!) and they're the perfect anecdote to stir-crazy kids needing a project! 

Whatever you're looking forward to this season-- we hope you're loving fall as much as we are! If you're interested in ordering DIY cookie kits for your Halloween festivities (they're a great companion to pumpkin-carving, for little ones not interested in pumpkin guts!), the deadline to order is October 17! Swing by our website to see all our fall-themed offerings and keep an eye on our Etsy shop!


Thursday, May 26, 2016
By One Creative Cookie, LLC.
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May brings flowers (thanks April showers!), warmer weather, promises of summer fun-in-the-sun-- and lots and lots of reasons to celebrate! The end of school is on the horizon, college graduations are in full swing, and Father's Day is next up on the list of family celebrations. All are perfect occasions for some cookie love!

Stumped at how to incorporate cookies into your next event? Here are some of our favorite ways: 


A new favorite way to celebrate graduates is to see their growth come to life with Edible Image cookies! Families have started ordering Edible Images of their high school or college graduate in kindergarten, fifth grade, middle school, and freshman year to celebrate the journey their student has been on. What a fun way to honor the WHOLE academic adventure! Serve these at your graduation barbecue or send them out to family and friends unable to make the trip to the graduation ceremony. 

Teacher Appreciation: 

In our household, each child has the opportunity to choose 4 people in their school to give their annual Teacher Appreciation Apple Cookie to at the end of the school year. It's amazing to see who they "appreciate" each year! Of course, there's always the fight over who gets to give the PE teacher an apple! But the other choices-- the principal, the janitor, the school nurse, a favorite teacher-- always warm our hearts! 

First Communion:

Tis the season for First Communions! It's always such an honor to be part of a special ceremony like this. You can, of course, go the traditional route with your cookie designs, but why not order a few DIY Cookie Decorating kits for your post-Mass gathering? Most children receiving First Communion are in first - second grade; allowing them to celebrate with some cookie decorating after their morning at church is a fun way to keep them entertained... although we can't promise it won't keep them clean!

Father's Day: 

What father wouldn't want to celebrate with cookies? Start his day with cookies decorated to represent his favorite activities-- hopefully activities he'll get to enjoy later that day! Golf course cookies, basketball cookies, cookies to represent his favorite movie (we've made some Star Wars-inspired cookies that fans of any age would love!), fishing and hunting cookies-- ask your kids to scheme up some designs that he would love!

Best of C-ville:

The Best of C-ville contest is open for nominations and we're so excited and honored to be nominated in several categories, including Best Favor and Best Pastry! We'd absolutely love to receive your nomination as well-- if you haven't yet nominated your local favorites, head here! Nominations are open until June 7. 

Happy May! 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016
By Kelly
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Spring is finally, truly just around the corner... less than a week away now! With our last snow not too far behind us and the mercury predicted to rise to the 80s for the second week in a row, the One Creative Cookie kitchen is bursting with Spring colors, Easter designs and an energy that has been kept confined for the long months of January and February!

The next few weeks bring baby showers, bridal showers, the start of wedding season, Easter-- oh my! With the new season as our inspiration, we're excited to debut some designs that are perfect for your Easter brunch, a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, or the next book club, progressive dinner party, or girl's night on your calendar.

As always, we would love to customize an order for you. Don't have the energy to think about designing your own order? Hop on over to our Etsy shop to pick out spring-inspired sweet treats in already designed gifts starting at just $24! 

Finally, we want to wish a very happy birthday to Pour La Maison! It's hard to believe that they have been open a full year already! (Check out our blog post from their opening last year!) If you haven't yet stopped in to this gorgeous brick-and-mortar shop, be sure to swing by this week to check out the wonderful tableware, "girlfriend gifts," and Easter décor. You can also find OCC DIY Cookie Kits and individual cookies featured in the shop starting Monday, March 21st!

Hoppy Spring!